Property investment has become the craze nowadays with many people venturing into the business. Many have turned out to be very successful, but quite a number are struggling to survive if not fallen. Do you know that IP Help is Melbourne’s best known investment property advice and consultancy firm? Their advise can make a difference on how you invest. Its best to consider these factors before you finally decide what you will invest in;

Factors to consider when finding the best property investment


What am I expecting to earn? This is the most obvious question every moneypotential investor asks. The level of earnings of your investment will depend on the performance of your business. Therefore, it will be prudent to consider how well your investment will perform in your target area before considering it.

Payback period

How fast your investment pays back on the capital injected determines whether it’s worth the hustle. If you need your money back in a short while, then long term investment will not meet your target in time. If you have alternative investments to choose from, consider one that has a shorter payback period.


Expected market for your business determines whether it will work for you or not. You can do an extensive market research about the demand for your investment to know whether it will sell or not. With market research, you will also be able to discover loopholes in the market that you can take advantage of e.g. by differentiating from prospective competitors.

Experience of existing investors

Look for experienced investors with a defined portfolio of their business. You will be able to learn from their experience on what worked out for them, challenges they faced and how they pulled through. You will be able to have a clear picture of the investment thus make a sound decision on whether to undertake it.

Prospective growth

growingMany property investors dream of building a dynasty that will exist unto the unseeable investment that can yield returns and grows will depend on its demand. An example is investing in residential houses in a densely populated area is likely to yield high returns and grow with the increasing demand for houses.

Risk involved

Most investors tend to be risk averse. It is, therefore, important to ascertain the expected level of risk you are willing to take. Most risky investments tend to yield higher returns, but their lifespan may not be long unlike less risky investments that have low returns but have a longer life span.