House Improvement Tips for Self-Pampering

optimizing the comfort at home

House is the place we get a good rest and pamper ourselves from a long and tiring day. But if you do not design your house smartly, you are going to miss that chance entirely. Also, when we do not have proper pampering facilities at home, we tend to spend money for the same purpose outside. Why waste our money when we can save it?

Installing a Bathtub

comforting bathtubWho does not like to bathe and immerse in warm water? A bathtub is also a cheap and straightforward solution to cure a tired body. It only takes small space of your bathroom, and you can enjoy all of its benefits. With only $300 to $400 you can have a bathtub of average size. And if you aim for the premium features, such as water jet, you only need to spend $1200. With the installation cost, the total money you must cost is around $1500 to $2000.

Here is a list of the recommended bathtub brands:

  1. American Standard
  2. OVE Rachel
  3. AKDY F244 Acrylic Tub
  4. Wyndham Collection Soho
  5. Kingston Brass
  6. Kohler Archer
  7. Carver Tubs AR7242
  8. Sterling Plumbing
  9. Bootz Bayside Bathtub

Bringing in the Spa Room

healthy skinsNo one can disagree that having a spa is the most effective way to relieve fatigue and sore muscles. But spa services have operational hours, so you cannot enjoy them any time you want. Besides, there are many amenities of spa services that you do not need. It can add a significant amount of unnecessary expense if you do it frequently.

There are many health benefits of having a spa. And if you are a woman, you should know that having a spa treatment regularly at home can give you many health benefits, especially to your lady part.

A steam shower is also an alternative if you have an extra budget. You can experience having a bath and a spa at the same time. It uses a steam generator to control the humidity in the bathroom, so you need to make sure that the room is sealed and insulated properly.

Choosing the Right Mattress

cushioning materials that matterThe quality of a mattress affects how well you can sleep at night. It is the cushioning that matters.

Hybrid cushion

A mattress of this type combines the property of latex, memory foam, and coils. Spring bed was old technology, but the coils do give good cushioning support to the mattress. Memory foam is the latest form of weight and forces absorbent. It can keep your backbone in its most neutral position. Latex serves as the mattress’ cover. It prevents dust accumulation and bed ticks infestation.


A pure latex mattress can maintain a cool temperature. It does not save heat, so it is the best choice if you live in a humid area. If supported with coils, a latex mattress will also provide proper responsiveness and bounce.

Memory Foam

A memory foam mattress will not bounce as much as the latex and hybrid. But it is unbeatable when it comes to comfort. It will also be the best help you have a bone structure deprivation.

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Qualities Of Space Heater You Should Know

Space Heater

Buying a space heater is a remarkably easy choice. You should decide where you need the unit and what kind you need. Then based on these two choices, purchase one with the realization that these heaters will fulfill your heating requirement. The space heater will not heat the whole house, but will efficiently heat one room and keep it warm and comfortable.

Qualities Of Space Heater You Should Know

Importance of a heater

The main reason for purchasing a heater is that you need yourempty room personal space warm and comfortable. A heating unit is a wise choice to take care of this need, it is quiet and can blend in with your décor. It can be hidden, so it will not take away from the overall scheme of a room. These units are powerful and can maintain the comfort of one room 12 by 12 square feet.


Electric units warm an area quickly, and the built-in thermostats will maintain the comfort factor. The oscillating heaters will move the air throughout a room. This is so the air temperature will not be warmer in one area than in another. They will spread the warmth evenly and thoroughly. An electric unit will not spread deadly fumes, so there is any need for venting to the outside.

Auto shut off valve

 Space HeaterA heater that has an automatic shut off valve is what you need to look for. If a heater is knocked over by your dog, cat, or child as a well-made heater will shut off automatically. A good heater will trip the built in circuit breaker switch and turn off the heater. This can be reset after the heater has cooled and then it can continue to maintain your choice of warmth. The primary purpose of the heater is to supplement the central heating unit, not to replace it. It will add heat to a room, not the whole house. It can be used to warm your personal space and maintain it comfortably.


Some tips for safe use are a clear area around the heater. Extension cords are not recommended. Do not cover the heater while in use and keep all fabrics away from the heater while in use. Placement of a heater on top of loose papers may start a fire. If you leave a room with a heater running, then turn it off. Never run a heater unattended.

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